AGS adjustable height terrace screen with tracked awing The AGS terrace screens are unique in that they have a very open feeling on nice days and yet can be raised to a greater height for maximum protection on those windy days. The terrace screens give the customer sitting in your outdoor area a feeling of security and comfort allowing them to relax and spend more. Your customers are less vulnerable to theft and external intrusion. They are a barrier.

AGS Variable Height

The AGS terrace screen is a solid fixed structure with a unique mechanism which allows the height of the glass screen and therefore protection to be adjusted. What could be better, low for those lovely sunny days and raised to block the wind chill factor. Even motor control is possible.

The AGS is a wonderfully elegant screen system with the unique possibility of increasing the height of the screen according to the weather conditions. Nice weather - screen low with an open yet secure feeling, bad weather screen high trapping warmth inside and shutting wind chill outside. The laminated glass ensures that your customers do not feel enclosed and trapped. A relaxed customer will spend more.

AGS Fixed Height

Now the AGS is available in a fixed height version. This can either be stand alone or compliment the variable height product. If you have a particularly wind spot use the fixed height and then create that open feeling in the other direction

The AGS can be used under awnings or umbrellas alike to create a very attractive and functional, all year round, eating area. The aluminium frame is satin anodised as standard but can be powder coated in your colours and there is a choice of panel widths to suit your terrace size.

Solid bottom panels are possible if a vanity screen is required

Why not have the glass branded to push your corporate image or simply make your eating area even more attractive with custom graphics.

It is possible to move your AGS screens at night with the screen mover and two people.

Do you have concerns about security and vandalism? This is the screen for you. The laminated glass and sturdy frame give great performance in hurricane winds and very large force is needed to damage the glass. The kick test - no problem. The result is a likely broken foot.

Would you like to use the AGS as a balustrade? It has the strength if you fix it well . AGS adjustable height terrace screen kick testOpen test video

Screens demo Embassy restaurant London Comfort with AGS

AGS Mounting

AGS Accessories

Trolley for moving screens