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Trailer Stalls Fixed Height

Fold Out

Type 400 - Aluminium side walls with translucent roof supported on corner columns. This product is also available with sliding extension roofs to vastly increase size of open stall. For the more sophisticated trader the roof can be supported from cantilever columns reaching from the rear which leaves all of the counter space open for better customer access and improved sales.

Type 450 - Similar to the type 400 but with open roof supported on two columns giving better customer access. These columns can also support hydraulically operated and load supporting end counters.

Type 600 - This is a great concept in enclosed trailer stalls. Although you have a solid back wall we can fit hydraulic lowering of the chassis so that you are only 20cm off the ground when trading. We fit this model out to your specification. This model can have extending roof and hydraulic end counters. The options are endless.

Type 700 - No longer do you have to worry about the load on the draw bar for towing. Legislation now allows you to tow a trailer with a front bogy axle which means the load and weight of the trailer is independent of the draw bar. A trailer bed of 9m is possible and all of this is load bearing. Those large fruit and veg stalls are now possible with one trailer. With an extension roof this model can open to 20 metres stall frontage.

  • The ultimate solution to mobile trading
  • Easily assembled, enabling you to start trading in 5 minutes (6m unit)
  • A "box" trailer that opens to become a great retailing space
  • The side walls of the trailer fold out to create the stall canopy
  • The canopy/roof of the stall is supported on sturdy pillars giving optimum access to counter space
  • Counters fold out to cover the draw bar
  • Designed to enable eye to eye contact with customers
  • Wheels are mounted within the counter width eliminating customer obstruction and giving very clean stall lines
  • Useful storage space under the counter surface in the trailer bed
  • Can carry stock (within the capacity load of the trailer)
  • The roof canopy automatically folds the correct way when closing
  • Locking walls are fabricated from coated aluminium or fibre glass panels
  • Hot zinc galvanised steel chassis
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