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Folding Open Rail Tables

Flat Open Rail Table The steel tables are the most popular as they have superior strength. All steel tables have the extra protection of zinc plating which protects them from rust and helps to keep them clean. Even a 2 x 1m table is easy to handle and stow. It only weighs 20 Kilos. Also available 1.5 x 1.2m in aluminium.

Sloping Open Rail Table You will sell more from a sloping table. Putting your product in front of the eyes of the customer is fundamental to good retailing. Available in steel 2 x 1m or 2 x 1 and 2 x 0.5 m in aluminium.

Bench Tables At 2 x 0.5m they are perfect to position at the front of the sloping table for service of even stand alone. This is open rail and available in steel.

Stepped Table The stepped table is a must for those displaying bulky goods. You will sell more. With this clever design you will have more time to prepare your product display.

  • Perfect where products are in boxes
  • 200kg distributed load capacity
  • Legs fold into the main counter surface
  • Available as Sloping, Stepped, Flat or Crate options
  • Steel or aluminium depending on model
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