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Wall Awnings

Terrace & Balcony

Zapp awnings provide perfect shade to keep you cool on the hottest days whilst enabling the use of your patio even when the weather is less than ideal. The patio becomes an extension to your home. Imagine being able to dine outside with friends or family on a warm summer evening or even in showery weather.

Arezzo The Arezzo is a compact folding arm awning on 40mm zinced and painted square bar, double cables or stainless chain arms with extruded aluminium arm bracket. The awning is modular and it can reach larger dimensions by adding more profiles. The front bar is interchangeable. An extrudes aluminium hood and a special bracket for under-roof mounting is available optionally.

Zenith The Zenith is a retractable awning with full closing box on a rectangular bar 30mm x 50mm. Functional and reliable this awning gets tipping system BAT brackets that grant a complete perfect closing of the front bar even by max inclinations.

Base Lite & Plus Base Lite is a fully cassetted folding arm awning on fixed independent side brackets and wall installation plate with double covered cable or stainless chain arms. The brackets let this model to be installed either on the wall or on the ceiling and they have a micro-regulation screw that allows a perfect matching of the profiles.

Base Plus is a fully cassetted folding arm awning on two side brackets and wall installation brackets with either a sheathed double cable or stainless steel chain arms. The cassette is supplied in three different profiles. The brackets allow for either a wall or a ceiling installation and, besides the micro-regulation screw which ensures a perfect profile match, they are also equipped with a new inclination system that uses pass through screws.

  • variety of styles
  • designed to resist fading
  • motorised options available
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